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PT. ABADI LESTARI - Leading & Quality Bird’s Nest Processing Factory From Bojonegoro, Indonesia

We built our reputations as nation leading Bird’s Nest processing factory since 1979.

PT. Abadi Lestari offers its customers a wide range of Bird’s Nest quality products, all of them are processed at the highest grade of processing quality. Our workshop at Bojonegoro - East Java bring us closer to the local bird’s nest farmer. This positioning strategy has an effect on fresh raw ingredients and stable supplies from local farmers.

Operating Excellence

A leading team of experienced human resources with high self-consciousness.

Within our day-to-day operation, we are fueled by the spirit of creating excellent standard for the world market and we do everything in the company guided by the company’s vision and mission, with our culture:
“We’re better every day”.


Become an edible swallow nest producing company that is known for its’ high quality, becoming the best and recognized in the international market.


  • Produce healthy, safe, hygienic, and quality edible bird nest (EBN) from quality raw materials and well controlled processes.
  • Introduce the benefits and benefits of edible bird nest products (Edible Bird Nest / EBN).
  • Improve and develop customer base.
  • Recruit, develop, and reward professional workers who excel in the workplace.
  • Actively contribute to the welfare of the community.
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