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We built our reputations as nation leading Bird’s Nest processing factory since 1979.

PT. Abadi Lestari offers its customers a wide range of Bird’s Nest product quality, all of them are processed at the highest grade of processing quality. With our workshop at Bojonegoro - East Java, we are one step closer to be near with the local bird’s nest farmer. This strategic position implies to fresh raw ingredients and stable supply from local farmers.

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High quality products for a demanding world market


Our modern facilities and our human resources

We only bring high quality grade
Bird’s Nest with quality assurance from
raw materials to the end product.

It is our culture to only bring our customers the best quality products. Our company promise to bring meticulously tested quality together with guaranteed traceable products. We put competence and dedication in the areas of research and development to bring attractive and competitive product variations.

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